You Asked, We Answered

What type of material do you use?

At DIY Tailgate Wraps we only use the highest quality vinyl wrap materials! Unlike other tailgate wrap sales that use cheap vinyl sticker material, our material is 3M, Avery, or General Formulations High Quality Air Egress Wrap Material covered in waterproof/UV laminate.

Should I use water when applying my DIY tailgate wrap?

No! Do not use water when applying REAL vinyl wrap material. True wrap material has an air egress quality which allows bubbles to seep out and water will ruin it.  Why do other places I see say to use water for installing? That is a different kind of vinyl material that is meant to be used for decals and vinyl lettering, NOT WRAPS.

Can I buy my tailgate wrap from DIY and then take it to a local wrap shop for installation?

You sure can! We actially recommend that if you do not have wrap installation experience. But make sure the sign shop you take it to knows how to install wraps specifically. However, if you are a do it yourself...by all means, install it yourself.